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28 September 2012 @ 07:26 pm
I totally don't own Gundam Wing, but I do borrow that little corner of Animeland a lot. Without permission.  (^__^;;)

NOTE: The fanfictions listed below were written during or after 2012.  My earlier (1x2x1) works are posted on Left Wing and many of those (but not all) are available on fanfiction.net.

A Safe Good Place on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Modern AU :: Duo & Trowa :: Cathy & Original Male Character :: 22,000 words :: Complete (June 21, 2017)
A Tumblr writing prompt fic.  Chapter 1 requested by Kangofu-CB.
The best thing in Trowa's life crosses paths with the worst thing in Trowa's life.  It was only a matter of time.
Free Ride, a continuation by Kangofu_CB on AO3

Bungalow on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Post-series :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 5,000 words :: Complete (May 22, 2017)
Duo has a thing for fixing up old houses.  Trowa has a thing for Duo.

Into the Jungle on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
19th Century AU :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 38,000 words :: Complete (August 28, 2016)
On a botanical survey of the jungle, Duo discovers something precious and dangerous.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017) on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Post-series, post-EW :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 148,000 words :: Complete (November 23, 2017)
A re-write of my 2004 fanfic "Shinigami Sleeps" (on fanfiction.net)
To find and free Duo from his demons, Trowa leaves his uneventful life at the circus for the mean streets of an obscure colony in L2.

Rodeo & Ranch on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
1990 AU :: Duo & Trowa pairing (main) :: 62,000 words :: Complete (May 17, 2017)
Rodeo clown Trowa Barton falls hard for a bull rider named Duo Maxwell.

Gift fanart, artwork by ShenLong:      Gift fanart, artwork by tanuki02:
        Duo Bull 2.jpg                              

The Last Romanov on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Ignores Endless Waltz :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 10,000 words :: Complete (March 23, 2016)
Trowa finds himself at a lonely crossroads when he learns of his family heritage.

Tomb Raiders
Alternate Universe :: Duo & Trowa :: Hilde & Dorothy :: 240,000 words :: Complete (December 17, 2017)
Two teenage boys from different walks of life are destined to save the world.

Gift fanart, artwork by tanuki02:

Book cover & fanart, artwork by themanwell:

no title

Fanart, artwork by themanwell:         Commissioned fanart, artwork by t_shirt1x2:
Duo and the Fey fanart sketch inked 2.jpeg                                   manwell_t_d 2016 4__ Online copy.jpg

Duo and the Fey on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Magical Modern Day AU :: Duo & Trowa :: Heero & Sylvia :: 50,000 words :: Complete (April 22, 2016)

"Do you believe in magic, Duo?"

Legends of the Fey on AO3 (Archive of our Own)
Magical Modern Day AU :: Duo & Trowa
:: Heero & Sylvia :: 55,000 words :: Complete (May 20, 2016)
"The Sicarian will be revealed.  It is only a matter of time."

Legacy of the Silencer on AO3 (Archive of our Own)
Magical Modern Day AU :: Duo & Trowa
:: Heero & Sylvia :: 96,000 words :: Complete (March 19, 2017)
"I, the Silencer, challenge you for leadership of the resistance and its fighters."

The Two out of Three Series

Commissioned art, artwork by Kracken:   
Kracken Two out of Three no braid version.jpg     gwbarfinish2.jpg
Commissioned art, artwork by t_shirt1x2 :
manwell_t_d 2016 3 Online Copy.jpg  
Tag Bookcover.jpg   manwell_t_d 2016 2.jpg

Gift fanart, artwork by Kaeru Shisho:

Gift fanart, artwork by Cat Paws:

Two out of Three
Duo POV (Trowa POV) :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 180,000 words :: Complete (March 19, 2016)

Tag & Other Backyard Games, Sequel to Two out of Three on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Wufei POV :: Duo & Trowa :: Hilde & ?? :: 55,000 words :: Complete (July 24, 2016)
Book cover by t_shirt1x2

All or Nothing, Continuation following Tag & Other Backyard Games on AO3
Alternating POV :: Duo & Trowa pairing ::  10,000 words :: Complete (September 26, 2016)

Writing Prompt 52. "I think you might be pregnant."  (a Tag continuation)
Trowa POV :: 700 words :: Complete (May 25, 2017)

A Private Lesson (a Tag continuation)
Mariemaia POV :: WIP :: COMING SOON!
17 December 2017 @ 10:02 pm

Tomb Raiders, Epilogue on AO3

And I thing I whipped up which will hopefully make sense after you've read the epilogue:
Duo Troa Ring Gold.jpg
27 November 2017 @ 03:12 pm
So, here it is!!  An actual FOR REAL UPDATE on Tomb Raiders.  Smuts ahoy.

Tomb Raiders on AO3 (with all teh smuts)

Tomb Raiders on fanfiction.net (sexytimes have been edited out of Graduation Day, Part 2)

Teaser, Trowa POV:

When Howard offered the troupe a ride back to Lagos, the captain looked to me and I nodded. I was steady now. I was ready to move forward. They’d given me their best and now it was up to me to do the rest.

Howard filed a flight plan for the following afternoon.

I was equal parts sad and relieved to see them go.

Sad because, without them, I’d have likely gone bossies in those first few days as my mind trapped me in that small, dark box deep in the ground over and over again. They’d had my back until Duo had schemed up a way to get me through the night and, though I had absolutely no regrets about leaving the troupe behind to be with Duo in the first place, I had missed those ooms. And not just because I’d been one out against Khushrenada’s men for the last four months.

But I was also relieved to see them off because, if they stayed any longer, I really would go bossies.

The morning they were due to head out, Duo received handshakes from Wallace and Kask that were exuberant enough to test his balance on his crutches.

Bryce gave a go at imitating my kerel’s coaster moves on the dance floor, but Duo just rolled his eyes and told him to keep at it… if he wanted to give a pack of starving hyenas a bloody good skrik.

I laughed.

Martins offered Duo a high-five.

The captain clapped a hand on Duo’s shoulder and told me, “You hit a luck with this one.”

“Actually,” Duo argued back, his gaze on me, “I hit a luck with him.”

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 38: Epilogue

L2 Slang

Teaser, Quatre POV:

“You know, Tro. Next year, I think we should bring a date for Wufei.”

Wufei glowers.

Trowa grins. “He does look a little... lonely.”

“Keiko or Miffy, ya think?”

“Miffy. Definitely Miffy.”

“Right. Grigori would end up dueling Wufei for Keiko’s honor and—actually, hold up. I like that better. Let’s bring Keiko.”

Trowa nods solemnly. “And a reliable video camera.”

“Ooh! We can sell tickets, T-shirts, pay-per-view!” Duo grandstands.

Wufei informs them in his best Preventer tone, “You — the both of you — are one syllable away from getting dumped back in that hole and left there overnight.”

Taking in the feral gleam in Wufei’s dark eyes, Duo restrains his laughter with an effort and nods, holding his snow-crusted, mittened hands up in surrender.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 37: Full Confession

L2 Slang

Teaser, Trowa POV:

The temptation to summon a ghost of him is so strong I’m momentarily overwhelmed. I have enough memories to work from. More than enough. There’s no question that I need him badly enough to pull together an imaginary friend. What does it matter if I become one of those crazy, pathetic creatures that wander around in a daze, talking to people who aren’t there? It would be better than being alone.

But I know I won’t do it. The price is too high. No one would ever let me on the high wire or trapeze again. I’d be banned from visiting the cats. I’d be excluded from the knife-throwing routine. Eventually, there’d be nothing left for me to do here except oversee the generators and ask a Duo who isn’t there if he could pass me the oil can.

Bottom line: I’d have to give up the circus, the only home I have left.

Besides, Cathy would either have me committed or she’d hunt Duo down and haul him back here. I can’t bear the thought of either.

So I won’t think about it. It’ll be like it never was. Like it had never happened. Like I’d never felt—

“Hey, Tro. One question: do you love me?”

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 36: Fishing Story

L2 Slang

Teaser, Duo POV:

“So, when are you and me doing this fishing thing? Maybe not on a lake because, dude, you’re totally right about the mosquitoes. They were orbiting us like trawlers around mining satellites.” I shudder. “So,” I propose, “ocean fishing?”

Tro tilts his head to the side and considers me. “Can you swim?”

“Can I swim,” I repeat, indignant. “What kind of question is that?”

“The kind someone who’s planning on throwing you overboard would ask,” Trowa retorts.

Such a charmer, this one.

“Still having a tough time holding onto the mystery, eh?”

“No self discipline,” he agrees drolly.

“Ha! Now that’s funny.”

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 35: Trowa's Turn

L2 Slang

Teaser, Trowa POV:

Turning in the doorway, Cathy informs both of us in a loud voice and with a militant gleam in her eyes, “Trowa doesn’t need a hug. He needs a swift kick in the pants. Have a good trip, guys!”

The trailer door slams closed behind her.

Duo considers her dramatic exit for a moment before demanding of me, “Dude, what did you do to piss her off so bad?”

I shrug. The duffel zipper screams shut. “She knows I don’t do goodbyes.”

“Hm,” Duo replies, noting that detail. Noting everything. “What’s up, Tro?”

I don’t know how to answer that with words, so I turn, place my bag next to his still-empty backpack, and run my hand down the center of his back. The muscles relax instantly beneath my touch and then his spine flexes. In the next instant, his arms are around my waist and our mouths are moving together in choreographed motions. Familiar. Comforting.

I want this. More of this. An indefinite of this.

I want in vain.

But if I don’t ask him for one more thing before we leave, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. I don’t have room in my soul for any more regret. Especially not this one.

I breathe my request against his lips, “Let me have my turn tonight. Please?”

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 34: A Planned Experiment

L2 Slang

Teaser, Trowa POV:

Oh, God. I cannot let myself think about it now. I’m supposed to be practicing the high wire routine that Cathy and I are performing tonight.

The second time I miss my cue, she sighs and points me over to the landing platform. I go. I need to get my head together.

I sit. She sits next to me. “So, I’m guessing since you weren’t the one wincing and squirming in your chair at breakfast this morning, that Duo bottomed for you.”

I bury my face in my hands. Wish for death. Damn the safety net.

Cathy pats my leg. “I’m glad you’re happy together, Trowa.”

“But?” I mumble.

“But I wish you’d gotten around to it sooner. I’ve lost twenty creds and Alvina is going to be a real ‘queen of the big top’ now.”

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 33: Forgiveness

L2 Slang

Teaser, Duo POV:

“No truck engine metaphors today?”

I grin. “You gonna lemme lube your piston?”

Trowa covers his face with both hands. “I hate you,” he mutters.

“You love me,” I insist.

“Same thing.”
WARNINGS: heavy issues ahoy.  Srsly, take a minute or two and read the warnings at the top of the chapter before you dive in.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 32: A Godless City

L2 Slang

Teaser, Trowa POV:

A father kneels beside his daughter at Duo’s table. He’s going to help her guess which tea cup has the little red ball. What they don’t know is that after Duo sets up the trick – one ball, three cups – he slips an identical ball under all of them. Tonight’s voucher is a free posed Polaroid photo with the performer of your choice.

The girl squeals with delight when she wins and clutches the voucher happily. Amazingly, I’m the one she chooses to use it on. I somersault over in response to her shy smile and pointed finger in my direction. But as the father moves closer to be included in the photo and I glimpse his face—

No. Please, no.



It’s not him. It can’t be.