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28 September 2012 @ 07:26 pm
I totally don't own Gundam Wing, but I do borrow that little corner of Animeland a lot. Without permission.  (^__^;;)

NOTE: The fanfictions listed below were written during or after 2012.  My earlier (1x2x1) works are posted on Left Wing and many of those (but not all) are available on fanfiction.net.

A Safe Good Place on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Modern AU :: Duo & Trowa :: Cathy & Original Male Character :: 22,000 words :: Complete (June 21, 2017)
A Tumblr writing prompt fic.  Chapter 1 requested by Kangofu-CB.
The best thing in Trowa's life crosses paths with the worst thing in Trowa's life.  It was only a matter of time.
Free Ride, a continuation by Kangofu_CB on AO3

Bungalow on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Post-series :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 5,000 words :: Complete (May 22, 2017)
Duo has a thing for fixing up old houses.  Trowa has a thing for Duo.

Into the Jungle on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
19th Century AU :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 38,000 words :: Complete (August 28, 2016)
On a botanical survey of the jungle, Duo discovers something precious and dangerous.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017) on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Post-series, post-EW :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 150,000 words :: Currently posting!
A re-write of my 2004 fanfic "Shinigami Sleeps" (on fanfiction.net)
To find and free Duo from his demons, Trowa leaves his uneventful life at the circus for the mean streets of an obscure colony in L2.

Rodeo & Ranch on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
1990 AU :: Duo & Trowa pairing (main) :: 62,000 words :: Complete (May 17, 2017)
Rodeo clown Trowa Barton falls hard for a bull rider named Duo Maxwell.

Gift fanart, artwork by ShenLong:      Gift fanart, artwork by tanuki02:
        Duo Bull 2.jpg                              

The Last Romanov on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Ignores Endless Waltz :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 10,000 words :: Complete (March 23, 2016)
Trowa finds himself at a lonely crossroads when he learns of his family heritage.

Tomb Raiders
Alternate Universe :: Duo & Trowa :: Hilde & Dorothy :: Alternating POV :: WIP
Two teenage boys from different walks of life are destined to save the world.
Update: "Graduation Day, Part 1" added on March 23, 2017

Gift fanart, artwork by tanuki02:

Book cover & fanart, artwork by themanwell:

no title

Fanart, artwork by themanwell:         Commissioned fanart, artwork by t_shirt1x2:
Duo and the Fey fanart sketch inked 2.jpeg                                   manwell_t_d 2016 4__ Online copy.jpg

Duo and the Fey on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Magical Modern Day AU :: Duo & Trowa :: Heero & Sylvia :: 50,000 words :: Complete (April 22, 2016)

"Do you believe in magic, Duo?"

Legends of the Fey on AO3 (Archive of our Own)
Magical Modern Day AU :: Duo & Trowa
:: Heero & Sylvia :: 55,000 words :: Complete (May 20, 2016)
"The Sicarian will be revealed.  It is only a matter of time."

Legacy of the Silencer on AO3 (Archive of our Own)
Magical Modern Day AU :: Duo & Trowa
:: Heero & Sylvia :: 96,000 words :: Complete (March 19, 2017)
"I, the Silencer, challenge you for leadership of the resistance and its fighters."

The Two out of Three Series

Commissioned art, artwork by Kracken:   
Kracken Two out of Three no braid version.jpg     gwbarfinish2.jpg
Commissioned art, artwork by t_shirt1x2 :
manwell_t_d 2016 3 Online Copy.jpg  
Tag Bookcover.jpg   manwell_t_d 2016 2.jpg

Gift fanart, artwork by Kaeru Shisho:

Gift fanart, artwork by Cat Paws:

Two out of Three
Duo POV (Trowa POV) :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 180,000 words :: Complete (March 19, 2016)

Tag & Other Backyard Games, Sequel to Two out of Three on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Wufei POV :: Duo & Trowa :: Hilde & ?? :: 55,000 words :: Complete (July 24, 2016)
Book cover by t_shirt1x2

All or Nothing, Continuation following Tag & Other Backyard Games on AO3
Alternating POV :: Duo & Trowa pairing ::  10,000 words :: Complete (September 26, 2016)

Writing Prompt 52. "I think you might be pregnant."  (a Tag continuation)
Trowa POV :: 700 words :: Complete (May 25, 2017)

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 17: The Franklins

L2 Slang

Teaser, Trowa POV:

“Man, if this isn’t the worst cup of coffee you’ve ever had, I… y’know, actually, the coffee from the place we ate at last night is worse. Never mind.”

I sip, wince, and pick apart a biscuit. I pop a bite in my mouth and, amazingly, my stomach settles a little. I feel marginally less… bile-green.

Seeing this, Duo teases, “You had me fooled. That night outside the market, when you were doing the whole pause-before-the-puke number, I figured you were drawing from experience.”

“I’m pretty good at faking it.”

“So… what you’re telling me is last night wasn’t good for you after all.”

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 16: Favorite Colors

L2 Slang

Teaser, Trowa POV:

I miss my target. The cue ball smacks against one of Duo’s, lining it up perfectly in an ideal angle.

Looking up, I find Duo glaring at me with exasperated amusement. He’s not angry that I’d “helped” him.

I step back and wait to see if he’ll accept it.

He chalks his cue stick and strides over. Wary of his reaction, I make room.

He rolls his eyes. “You could have just asked.”

“I just did.”

“With words, hot shot.”

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 15: Cold Water, Warm Arms

L2 Slang

Teaser, Duo POV:

My hands curl into fists. The blood buzzes in my veins. I try to focus on breathing, but every inhalation brings Trowa’s scent with it. Every moment, more of his body heat seeps into me.

I suddenly think of those cheerful, flat, round, yellow flowers on Earth — dandelions. Cute little things. They look so sturdy. Hardy and happy. And they’re everywhere, right? Because I guess they’re some kind of weed. No one’s been able to eradicate them; I’ve got to admire the tenacity of their survival. Survival that’s possible thanks to the fact that, eventually, each and every one of those bright, sunny flowers turns into a ghostly sphere of seeds. Hundreds of seeds drifting on the breeze like ghosts.

That is exactly what I am right now: one breath away from scattering into the ether, destination unknown.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 14: Final Hours

L2 Slang

Teaser, Duo POV:

I glance at the time. Ten hours.

Trowa lowers his half-eaten sandwich. I’m pretty sure he knows what I’m counting down to, but why the hell is he here at all?

“What do you want from me?” I finally ask. Almost seven days too late.

“I’m not sure,” he answers after a long moment. “I want… the chance to find out what I want from you.”

I shouldn’t have asked. Jesus Christ. I am not gonna cry today. Not today.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 13: Detoxing Nightmares

L2 Slang

Teaser, Duo POV:

“Do I tie you to a bed frame or just hold on?”

He gives himself a shake, struggling to concentrate on what I’m saying. “Either. Bed frame is messier. Won’t make it to the toilet in time.”

“Holding on, it is.” I know I don’t imagine his look of relief. Jesus. Had he really thought I’d leave him to soil his britches when he’d mashed on my account in the first place? And why am I having such a damn hard time stopping myself from yelling at him over being surprised?

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 12: Church Meeting

L2 Slang

Teaser, Duo POV:

I wait until we’re on a solid safeline, out in the open with a comfortable buffer between us and the nearest pedestrians, to check something else kinda-sorta-maybe important, “Drege called us a pair. Called me your boss. You do know what that means around here, don’t you?”

He shrugs. “A guy who prefers to call the shots and be on top, I imagine.”

His tone is way too casual for him to have a clue. “Um... kind of, er…” Fuck. How to say this? And why the hell had I volunteered to explain?

Because I’m a moron, that’s why.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 11: Just Noise

L2 Slang

Teaser, Duo POV:

Trowa firmly, almost roughly, caresses my back and shoulders as if trying to warm me. Jesus. He still hasn’t figured out that it’s a losing battle. Once Death has touched you, that’s it. You’re stone cold.

I twist, shove, squiggle. The world spins. My stomach lurches into my throat.

“Stop pushing me away,” he pleads on a murmur. “Pretend I’m someone else if you need to.”

What a moron. “I’m not gonna do that to you. Idiot.” It wouldn’t make a difference to Death, anyway. That bastard’s sight is twenty-twenty.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 10: Zipline

L2 Slang

Teaser, Trowa POV:

The shadows are moving.

Bodies in the darkness.

Quiet whispers.

“Fuck, the big one’s mashing.”

“Drop him. We need the skin.”

My legs are shaking, trembling with suppressed tension, but my head feels like it’s about to spin off of my shoulders. It’s only been six seconds. I don’t have two minutes. I can’t afford to wait.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017)
Chapter 9: Sweet Dreams

L2 Slang

Teaser, Trowa POV:

I’m moving before I have a plan, before I even think it through. I grab his shoulder, turning him to face me, and I snarl, “Enough. Enough of this.”

He blinks at me, startled, stiff, braced for a fight. That’s the only reason I don’t shake him silly.

“I won’t make you tell me,” I rashly promise. “But if you’re determined to finish what you started in three and a half days, then give yourself to those days, damn it.”

His jaw clenches.

I inform him, “Continuing on this way is a waste, Duo. A waste of you.”

He stares at me with eyes that are wide and empty of anger. He looks so young. Lost. How do I make him understand that I’ve found him? How do I make that be enough?