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28 September 2012 @ 07:26 pm
I totally don't own Gundam Wing, but I do borrow that little corner of Animeland a lot. Without permission.  (^__^;;)

NOTE: The fanfictions listed below were written during or after 2012.  My earlier (1x2x1) works are posted on Left Wing and many of those (but not all) are available on fanfiction.net.

A Safe Good Place on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Modern AU :: Duo & Trowa :: Cathy & Original Male Character :: 22,000 words :: Complete (June 21, 2017)
A Tumblr writing prompt fic.  Chapter 1 requested by Kangofu-CB.
The best thing in Trowa's life crosses paths with the worst thing in Trowa's life.  It was only a matter of time.

Bungalow on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Post-series :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 5,000 words :: Complete (May 22, 2017)
Duo has a thing for fixing up old houses.  Trowa has a thing for Duo.

Into the Jungle on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
19th Century AU :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 38,000 words :: Complete (August 28, 2016)
On a botanical survey of the jungle, Duo discovers something precious and dangerous.

May Demons Rest: Shinigami Sleeps (2017) on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Post-series, post-EW :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 150,000 words :: Currently posting!
A re-write of my 2004 fanfic "Shinigami Sleeps" (on fanfiction.net)
To find and free Duo from his demons, Trowa leaves his uneventful life at the circus for the mean streets of an obscure colony in L2.

Rodeo & Ranch on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
1990 AU :: Duo & Trowa pairing (main) :: 62,000 words :: Complete (May 17, 2017)
Rodeo clown Trowa Barton falls hard for a bull rider named Duo Maxwell.

Gift fanart, artwork by ShenLong:      Gift fanart, artwork by tanuki02:
        Duo Bull 2.jpg                              

The Last Romanov on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Ignores Endless Waltz :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 10,000 words :: Complete (March 23, 2016)
Trowa finds himself at a lonely crossroads when he learns of his family heritage.

Tomb Raiders
Alternate Universe :: Duo & Trowa :: Hilde & Dorothy :: Alternating POV :: WIP
Two teenage boys from different walks of life are destined to save the world.
Update: "Graduation Day, Part 1" added on March 23, 2017

Gift fanart, artwork by tanuki02:

Book cover & fanart, artwork by themanwell:

no title

Fanart, artwork by themanwell:         Commissioned fanart, artwork by t_shirt1x2:
Duo and the Fey fanart sketch inked 2.jpeg                                   manwell_t_d 2016 4__ Online copy.jpg

Duo and the Fey on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Magical Modern Day AU :: Duo & Trowa :: Heero & Sylvia :: 50,000 words :: Complete (April 22, 2016)

"Do you believe in magic, Duo?"

Legends of the Fey on AO3 (Archive of our Own)
Magical Modern Day AU :: Duo & Trowa
:: Heero & Sylvia :: 55,000 words :: Complete (May 20, 2016)
"The Sicarian will be revealed.  It is only a matter of time."

Legacy of the Silencer on AO3 (Archive of our Own)
Magical Modern Day AU :: Duo & Trowa
:: Heero & Sylvia :: 96,000 words :: Complete (March 19, 2017)
"I, the Silencer, challenge you for leadership of the resistance and its fighters."

The Two out of Three Series

Commissioned art, artwork by Kracken:   
Kracken Two out of Three no braid version.jpg     gwbarfinish2.jpg
Commissioned art, artwork by t_shirt1x2 :
manwell_t_d 2016 3 Online Copy.jpg  
Tag Bookcover.jpg   manwell_t_d 2016 2.jpg

Gift fanart, artwork by Kaeru Shisho:

Gift fanart, artwork by Cat Paws:

Two out of Three
Duo POV (Trowa POV) :: Duo & Trowa pairing :: 180,000 words :: Complete (March 19, 2016)

Tag & Other Backyard Games, Sequel to Two out of Three on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own)
Wufei POV :: Duo & Trowa :: Hilde & ?? :: 55,000 words :: Complete (July 24, 2016)
Book cover by t_shirt1x2

All or Nothing, Continuation following Tag & Other Backyard Games on AO3
Alternating POV :: Duo & Trowa pairing ::  10,000 words :: Complete (September 26, 2016)

Writing Prompt 52. "I think you might be pregnant."  (a Tag continuation)
Trowa POV :: 700 words :: Complete (May 25, 2017)
21 June 2017 @ 02:33 pm

A Safe Good Place on AO3
Chapter 10: “The stars look especially lovely tonight.”


“Is it done?”

“It’s done. I’m done. Ready whenever you are. Wherever you are.”

Living on the streets, singing for my supper beside Cathy, I’d thought I’d understood what it meant to be humbled. Watching my sister being swept off her feet by a preppy university student who had been passing by and stopped and stared and smiled kindly, I’d thought I’d known hope. I hadn’t. Not really. Duo humbled me with those few sentences. He filled my being with hope until I had to be shining with it.

“Duo, are you sure? Your brother… your friends?” I told myself to shut up, shut up, shut up!

There was a pause. “Well, if you don’t want me, I can probably hunt my buddy down, knock him out, and steal my car keys back.”
18 June 2017 @ 11:12 am

A Safe Good Place on AO3
Chapter 9: “Wanna go for a drive?”


Here we were. At gunpoint.

Well. This sucked.

Was it too late for an undo? “Should I have used Times, New Roman?” I asked.
15 June 2017 @ 09:20 pm

A Safe Good Place on AO3
Chapter 8: “You really… That’s not exactly meant to be eaten.”


James pursed his lips in thought. Quirked his mouth to one side. “How about a black spot? Like in ‘Treasure Island’?” He mimed the scene for me. “You know the part where Billy Bones gets the black spot and then he croaks?”

I’d never read the story, so I didn’t know… but it sounded promising. I smiled.

James ducked his head. “It’s a dumb idea.”

“No,” I argued, giving his tense shoulders a squeeze before he could stomp off. “It’s a great idea. Come on. Give me a hand.”
13 June 2017 @ 10:28 pm

A Safe Good Place on AO3
Chapter 7: “This is my favorite song!”

TEASER, Trowa POV, featuring Big Sister Cathy:

“Tycho Rowan Barton, did you break in here?”

I smirked. “I wouldn’t say I broke in here.” Duo hadn’t just taught me to appreciate my birth name. He’d also lit a fire in me for the fine art of wordplay: I had broken not a thing in gaining entrance to the Winner family hunting lodge. With a shrug, I downplayed, “I just followed the example of Goldilocks.”

“A likely story.”

“I’d liked it, yes.”

She swatted me on the arm.
11 June 2017 @ 10:54 pm

A Safe Good Place on AO3
Chapter 6: “Fancy meeting you here.”


I said, “Get out.”

Solo sighed. “We need you to come in.”

“I heard you the first time.”

“And I’ll keep on repeating it until you agree to come back with me.”

“Fine. Looks like it’s your lucky day.”

Grinning, Solo jumped to his feet.

I punched him in the face. Hard.

“Ow! Jeez-o-fuck! What the hell was that for?”

Pick a reason, I didn’t say.
09 June 2017 @ 02:50 pm

A Safe Good Place on AO3
Chapter 5: “Oh, you scared me!”


I said to Cathy, “You know that I work for the family.”

“Only occasionally,” she quantified.

I didn’t deny it. “Would you like to know what I do for them?”

She leaned away, already shaking her head.
07 June 2017 @ 10:44 am

A Safe Good Place on AO3
Chapter 4: “Well, this is awkward.”


I reassembled my phone and checked my messages. Cathy had called. So had one other person. Someone I couldn’t ignore.

Thank God I’d only kept him waiting twenty minutes.

I called back and was informed by Treize’s secretary that my presence was requested.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”
05 June 2017 @ 12:23 am

A Safe Good Place on AO3
Chapter 3: “All I want is you.”


“So,” Duo said and, although he wasn’t looking at me, I knew I had his complete attention. “You should pat me down. For a wire or some other recording device.”


Bracing his hands behind him on the dock and locking his elbows, he leaned his chin against his own shoulder and gave me a very serious look. “It’s up to you, but after you hear what I’ve got to say, you’ll wish you had.”
04 June 2017 @ 10:05 pm
Here's a community/collection on AO3 that I've kicked off with the aim of providing monthly creative prompts.

There's a quote, a song rec, and a photo (by yours truly this month!) to get those creative juices flowing!

Collection: Do Your Thing on AO3
Monthly prompts: June

Feel free to pass the word along to anyone you think might enjoy the prompts! (^_^)